Making exports grow

"In order to achieve its mission, EDF carries out the following operations on its own behalf, on behalf of the public as well as that of companies and individuals of the private sector."


To take active interest in the creation and Development of export enterprises that can contribute to the economic development of the country, by way of direct or indirect participation to the capital, guarantees, or equivalent and granting of short, medium and long term loans;
To mobilize both local and foreign financial resources for investment and financing of all export development projects;
To search for and study export investment opportunities useful to the development of national economy;
To promote key export enterprises that arise from national development plans ;
To provide technical support in the assessment and study of problems and projects of interest to the country;
To render technical assistance to existing enterprises and those being formed, with regard to searching for solutions to all sorts of problems relating to their organization, operation and management ;
To receive and manage all types of funds, whether special or not, public or private.

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